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Data mining is the exploration and analysis of large data to discover meaningful patterns and rules. We explore this topic with several case-studies wherein we extract unstructured information from disparate sources, map this into meaningful semantics and analyse into higher level of knowledge understanding.

Anomaly Detection

Anomaly detection is the process of finding outliers in a given dataset. We explore this topic with 2 case studies, one in the IOT domain for telematics data and the other in Banking sector to identify fraud in customer credit card transactions.

Customer 360

Customer 360 is the process of identifying and retaining profitable customers. We explore this domain and predict whether a customer will churn or not, for a typical telecommunications provider. Our analysis recommend the company to consider features importance which are strong indicators to manage customer churn.

Industry Case Studies

We present a myriad of use cases in several domains ranging from Product recommendation to customers based on their buying behaviours & Market Mix and Attribution modelling to optimise sales.

Recommendation Solutions

Recommendation systems are algorithmic tools that internet platforms use to identify and recommend content, products, and services that may be of interest to their users and surprise them with offers they would have never searched for. Our platform is employing personalised recommendation systems for every user, everything from social media to e-commerce to e-learning management system features.


A Highly Innovative Enterprise Management System Software which can hold any number of ISO Standards and All the Major Legal, Regulatory and Business Frameworks with Preloaded Best Practice Library of Checklists and Assessments. Key Focus Areas are Organizational Issues, Strategy, Governance, Risk, Compliance, Internal Audit, Human Capital, Customer Satisfaction, Information Security, Business Continuity, Asset Management, Knowledge Library and Information management