Banking Fraud Detector.

A typical organization loses an estimated 5% of its yearly revenue to fraud. We apply supervised learning algorithms to detect fraudulent behaviour based upon past fraud and recommend methods to discover new types of fraud activities.

How to Run the Demo.

  • Step 1 : Download the sample test data - demo_fraud_detection_test_data.csv
  • Step 2 : Browse the downloaded file in your system.
  • Step 3 : Click on “Run Model”, and view the downloaded results.

Banking Fraud Detector Demo..

Our machine learning algorithm has been trained on half-million records and the model is a robust classifier of fraud data. For this demo, we have taken un-seen test data which has the features to help predict the classifier of fraudulent transactions. Please upload the test data and the AI engine can predict in real time whether it is fraud or not. For illustration purposes, we have further selected case of False Positive and False Negative and this subset is downloaded in real time. Use cases span across several sectors Insurance, Banking, Retail, Health etc.

The Benefits of AI-based Banking Fraud Detector .