Course Recommendation in LMS.

Our AI engine currently has built a course recommendation engine that can be integrated into any e-Learning Management System. The engine recommends courses to each learner based on their learning preference history and personal learner data. Theadvantage of these recommender systems in your LMS is that they provide personalization for the learners of the e-learning sector, promoting one-to-one marketing. This helps offer a personalized store for every learner.


How We Work.

Engaging and retaining a Philomath is the number one priority in a Learning Management System. In this case study, we deploy the Content-Based Filtering Algorithm that helps recommend items to users based on their profile. Our AI engine has sophisticated capabilities to ingest real-time data from multiple data sources. Features mustered here are Keywords, Course Author and Learner profile data, inclusive of their demographic information and learning history. Top recommended courses that satisfy learner requirements and preferences will be featured.

The Benefits Course Recommendation in LMS .