Our DataSmart provides data integration, analytics and solutions. The power of our model comes from our ability to capture business data effectively and efficiently. Gain threefold greater accuracy in predicting your future business cost drivers. The unique benefits of DataSmart include accuracy improvement, reduced human error, less time consuming and improved visibility.

Improved Accuracy and Reduced
Human Error

Automated tool to avoid human errors and obtain more accurate results while entering large amounts of data.


The tool removes the manual involvement for data entry process that aids in less time consumption.


It helps to acquire and store data efficiently with improved visibility and accessibility to the employees.

Case Studies.



Information Extraction to process large amounts of business documents with increased quality and compliance mechanisms. For example, you can use the extracted information to automatically process payables, invoices, or payment notes while making sure that invoices and payables match.

Text Summarization

With excess email overload, the Text Summarization could surface the most important content within email and let us skim emails faster.

Document Classification

Document Classification tools that allow scanning sets of documents, detecting word and phrase patterns within them, and automatically clustering word groups and similar expressions that best characterise a set of documents.