Information Extraction
(DataSmart) .

Information Extraction (IE) provides automated retrieval of information related to a selected topic from a body or bodies of text. IE tools make it possible to pull information from text documents, databases, websites or multiple sources. IE also extracts information from unstructured, semi-structured or structured, machine-readable documents and other electronically represented sources.

Information Extraction (DataSmart)

How to Run the Demo.

  • Step 1 : Download the sample test data - data_smart_test_PDF_Home_Standard_2015.pdf
  • Step 2 : Browse the downloaded file in your system.
  • Step 3 : Click on “Convert”, and view the downloaded csv file that shows the extracted information in column and row wise structured format.

Why NLP Annotation is Important?.

With right tagging, labelling and keynotes it becomes clearer and more comprehensible to machines. Our NLP annotation service enables to upload unstructured PDF documents that can be converted and downloaded into structured comma-separated values (CSV) file format. All the information, including main and subtitles, numbering and contents are extracted and presented in a column and row wise structured form using pattern recognition. This CSV file can then be directly imported into the database as well.

Applications of NLP Annotation .